Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello All!

I put a new outfit outfit today. Its a casual but sexy skirt, blouse and sweater combo. Felt a little "back to naughty school girl" when putting it together, like i should include some wire framed glasses and some textbooks. ;) It also comes with the shoes, some sweet little sandals with a color changing flower to match all the sweater colors.

I am working on another dress already, I feel like my creative juices are starting to For a while there I was blaming the baby, but I guess she is off the hook :)

I put out a customs catalog as well. It is full of shirts, pants and a bikini set that you can get personalized! I am taking custom orders now, so please drop by Adored and click on this sign. You can find one by the lucky chairs and one by the gift certificates.

Any questions or comments please feel free to message me in game (AmySue Shirakawa) or email me at

Thank You All!!




Julia Soothsayer said...

Your sweater set is really cute :) How soon is baby coming? Better work now girl...LOL I still breastfeed Alex but he is starting to eat baby food now so I am getting a little relief! They grow so fast :) Good luck with the delivery, I hope everything goes smooth :)