Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hello All! Happy March! Have some new shirts and shoes out to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style!

Also, some of the merchants have put out a few St. Patrick's Day items. Be sure to walk the Adored streets and check out those items!

The magic word of the month is Lucky. If you IM the model on the rotating stand with this word you will receive this months gift!

It has been an exciting month! We found out that we will be having a baby GIRL this July. I am VERY excited to be thinking pink and have been playing with some fun ideas for decorating the nursery. LisaAnne (Inks & Kinks) keeps asking me if there are baby or maternity clothes in Adored future. I keep saying no, but I guess it all depends on how inspired I get after shopping for baby clothes :)

Thank You all! Any questions please feel free to send me a message in world or email me at

See you at Adored!


AmySue Shirakawa


Ricardo Cabeza said...
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Julia Soothsayer said...

Im super excited for you Amy! Life will change after you have her especially if you breastfeed...believe me! It's all worth it though :)