Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello my Adored Friends!

Have I mentioned I love October? I love dressing up, I love making costumes and getting to wear them. SL is like Halloween year round! LOVE IT! So I have redone my witch and french maid costumes. Also took on a new project, and make a couple of AO's to go with them.

I had just finished the witch costume, standing there with my broom in hand, stabbing myself with it as my AO changed, and I was thinking how much I hate attaching things to my hand and my AO has them go all over the place. I mean how many times have i ended up looking like I was rubbing cake in my hair? So then I was going to make it rideable and kinda evolved into an AO project. But it was a lot of fun to try something new, and I have a feeling I am going to continue to make more to go with future costumes.

I updated a few of my newer costumes, just changed a couple of things around. If you happen to have an older version of one of these costumes, feel free to send it to me and I will send you a new one. (Sexy Pirate, Ho White, Minnie Mouse, Ringmaster, Rainbow Bright, Sailor, Fairy and the Bee)

Also......time for a new magic word! This months magic word is SPOOKY. So just come in and IM the model on the silver rotating stand (wearing the french maid costume) with the word spooky to receive your free gift of the month! don't forget to head over to Inks & Kinks and IM her model with the same magic word for ANOTHER free gift!!

If you have ANY questions please feel free to send me a message in game or email me at

Thank You All!

See You at Adored!!

AmySue Shirakawa