Friday, August 1, 2008


New at Adored, this classy, elegant dress accented with orchids across the shoulder and in a corsage, is perfect from night to day. With the option of the short or long skirt, this dress can be worn for any occasion.
Also available is the updo shown with the dress, the color changing hair accented with flowers to match the Cara dresses!

Personally my new favorite dress, I have been wearing it for days and people keep bugging me to put it out! So I guess it's time ;)

The new magic word of the month is MAGIC and as an added bonus you can go to Inks&Kinks and IM their model with the same magic word to receive ANOTHER free gift. (Search in places Inks & Kinks) Free gifts all over the place! :) So come on in and IM the model at the front entrance with the magic word to receive your free gift!
See you all at Adored!!!
AmySue Shirakawa