Monday, May 19, 2008


Hey! I know its been a while since I have posted, and I have a lot of new stuff out, this being the newest. Went for something a bit sexier, perfect for a night clubbin ;) the ribbons and bows on the skirt was a first for me, and i LOVE how it turned out. Adds a bit of flare to the outfit. A lot of fun!! Can't wait to make more like this one. It's shown with a tattoo from LisaAnne Juniper from Inks & Kinks. A very sexy "Adored" tat. I love it! You can get this outfit, and this sexy tat, at my main store on Alhena. Please feel free to IM me in world with any comments or questions, or send me an email at

Thanks Guys!
AmySue :))


eleventhdr said...

I just love web pages like this because i love clothing I maybe male but i want to be female so i can look and dress like this girl's are so lucky to be female and look cute pretty and wear what ever they want like this i want ot be a girl so i can do this!